The Leading Company in Architectural Facade-Making

Our Core Values

The iFab signature is tailored to every client’s needs. We challenge the ordinary and provide the personalized approach, custom designs, flexibility, unmatched expertise, and scalability required to build lasting and impactful relationships with key architectural professionals, contractors, and installers alike. 

We are committed to the creative process and the operations behind our brand’s identity that provide the fundamentals to any project.


The Visionary Behind Our Brand

Sevak Kirakosyan is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of iFab Inc. With over 15 years of experience designing, fabricating, and installing architectural facades, he holds the mastery, skill, and expertise it takes to execute projects with an inventive approach. 


Enthusiastic for his craft, Sevak is a true technology innovator, who has pursued opportunities beyond the ordinary to create unique solutions for each partner that walks through the iFab doors.


Mixing personality with practical business strategies, he crafted iFab not to be just a fabricator of architectural facades, but a partner —  a one-stop solution — there to support clients every step of the way. 

At the age of 18-years-old, Sevak took the unconventional route towards finding his passion. Coming from a family with a construction background, he joined his father working on various construction projects.

Sevak joined the local Sheet Metal Union 105, pursuing professional training in metal fabrication and installation.

Sevak was introduced to large-scale projects in public works, where he was in charge of managing large-scale operations for the organization.

Sevak joined a partnership in the architectural facade business, where he handled the design, management, fabrication, and installation for hundreds of projects for dealerships, public projects, automotive, commercial, and brand identity.

Having years of experience and gaining the trust of clients in diverse industries, Sevak ventured off to create iFab as the sole owner of the company.