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iFab’s headquarters and manufacturing facilities are located at 515 S. Flower Street in Burbank, CA, but our vast network of skilled contractors makes it possible for us to work with architects and designs building luxury homes, dealerships, and other facilities across the United States and beyond. Get in touch above to learn more about our service areas.

iFab is the premier manufacturer and fabricator of comprehensive aluminum composite materials for architectural facades. But our services don’t end after fabrication, we are there for our clients and partners every step of the way. The following is a breakdown of some of our services. 


With detailed information on the unique needs of the project, our estimating experts quickly and efficiently budget your architectural facade project. 


Our experienced team uses the latest software solutions like AutoCAD and Revit, technology, and industry insights to bring your visions to the designing board and later to reality. 

Shop Drawing 

At this stage, we create detailed plans that translate the design intent, as well as the necessary information to manufacture, fabricate, assemble, and install all structural components. 

3D Laser Scanning & Surveying

We use the latest 3D Laser Scanning technology such as Leica RTC360 and P50 that digitally capture and determine the precise dimensions of the building to ensure design accuracy. 


We utilize our 34-foot CNC by AXYZ and accompanying software to process durable and luxurious aluminum composite panels with precision and strength.